Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adventures Ahead

goapestatue katiezipline

Last week I turned 28 and it actually wasn’t as bad I thought it was going to be (do I say this every time??). I was surprised with lovely gifts and later sent to a spa to have 27 massaged away! On Sunday Ryan and I went to Go Ape! which was super random and pretty awesome. I could get used to climbing trees and swinging down a zip-wire. I’m not going to lie, there were some mini freak outs but only when I started overthinking it. So I’d breathe and remind myself to enjoy being up in the trees and taking new risks.

I’m proud of us. We had never done that before so we were both sh*itting ourselves putting our brave boots on and encouraging each other along the way. We’ll probably go back in the summer as we were freezing our butts off. I’ve been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone lately and jumping off trees was definitely a good start.

We ended the birthday celebrations with a mini break at Milton House and lots of relaxing. Probably should have had the massage after all the climbing craziness. I am sore as hail.

Looking forward to 28 and determined to make it a great year to look back on!!

Thanks to all of my friends and family and their sweet birthday wishes, cards and gifts! I am a lucky lady.xx

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Vow

earthloveCelebrating Earth Day by listening to what happens to be my favorite Michael Jackson song. I’m giving a huge hug to the Earth today. I am most definitely an Earth sign and I’m married to one as well. We try to do our best when it comes to being eco friendly. I like to re-use containers and I try to buy eco friendly products where I can. We’re also religiously recycling. It’s much easier in the UK (and the law). I know we could do better so today I vow to take less baths and more showers. Every little helps!

What will you vow on to do to help protect our Earth this year?


Earth Love print by SnoogsAndWilde on Etsy

Monday, April 15, 2013

Body Talk

marilynworkoutLast night after catching up on some days I had skipped, I had finally finished The 30 Day Shred. I had to see what all the fuss was about! I’m not exactly shredded (maybe finely grated) but I am proud of myself for sticking it out. I do feel like I have much more energy than when I first started and I feel tighter in places. It makes me feel a little sexier and more confident for Summer. Getting fit is a bitch sometimes but it’s worth it.

I’m thinking of starting another one of Jillian’s workouts and in between I’ll be practicing Yoga and today I might start Blogilates. I’ve been hearing some good things about it and even though extreme perkiness is a little cringy to me, I think it’ll help when I’m feeling the burn.

So that’s what my body has been up to. Jumping, pumping and lunging! It’s a good way to blow off steam, stay active and keep my brain healthy. I recommend T30DC. It was easy to stick with as they’re only about 20 minutes and over so quickly.

If you’ve tried any of these - what did you think?x

Monday, April 8, 2013

Music Video Daydream #7

mvdThis one is pretty wild just like the video. I hope no one takes these too seriously! I don’t and even though it has been a while, I still love making them.

Have any idea what music video this was inspired by??

All of the items and past MVD’s are here and here:
No Doubt – Don’t Speak
Lisa Loeb – Stay
Ace of Base – The Sign
The Cardigans – Love Fool
Blondie – Rapture
Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

Friday, April 5, 2013

Shop Update: Postcard Prints

postcardprintphotos 014postcardprintphotos 019postcardprintphotos 013postcardprintphotos 022I haven’t been asleep since my last post, just busy with custom illustrations and other exciting things! Spring is already flying by and since we’re not seeing much of that thing called sunshine (what is that anyway??) I’ve been brightening up my life using color and positive words!

Today I added the postcard prints above to my Etsy shop and I’m really happy with the way they turned out. Despite there being no sunshine, in some of the photos I can see shadows of my aloe plants that are now growing out of control! I’ve also recently planted more herbs and chilli that are already sprouting.

Fingers crossed the real spring will show up this weekend – have a good one!!

Visit Lady & Lion on Etsy here.

Friday, March 15, 2013

World Sleep Day

beautysleep“Golden Sleep Principals”

1. Healthy brains depend on healthy sleep
I eat lots of fish and take my fish oils on the daily. I hope this counts for something. I also have lots of brain training apps and yesterday I watched “how it’s made” (ha…ha?). Meditation helps clear my head and I find that my dreams go easy on me.

2. Healthy bodies depend on healthy sleep
Guess who started the 30 day shred last night..? Yeah, we’ll see how that goes because she seriously kicked my ass. Making sure my body is tired at the end of the day helps me pass out.

3. Cozy sleep environment
Fresh sheets are the best to crawl into and I keep candles and amber fairy lights in the bedroom. Anything with lavender or honey & milk is helpful to use at night as it reminds my brain that it’s time to sleep.
4. Helping hand
Cheeky. But seriously, I am against prescription sleeping aids. They are dangerous and there are lots of other ways to help regulate sleep. Working out, eating things like bananas, oats, cherries, flax seeds, drinking milk & honey, cut yourself off from electronics, meditate to relieve stress and anxiety, sleep in darkness…

5. Bedtime routine
Dimming the lights a few hours before bed and taking a bath helps me relax. I have some kind of sleepy tea, straighten up the place, wash, brush ect…but I need to work on not playing games on my ipad before bed.

6. Sleeping alone

These principals were taken from the World Sleep Day site and this year it’s a guide for parents but I think it’s beneficial for everyone to have some kind of bedtime routine. It helps my mind and body relax and I’m able to have deeper sleep. I love sleep.ZZzzZzzz

Have a good weekend – sleep in!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

World Book Day

louisebrooksbio when-it-happens-to-you

On World Book Day, every child in full-time education in the UK is given a voucher to be spent on books.

After finding out it was WBD, I jumped on Amazon to purchase a couple of books that I’ve had in my shopping cart.

x Louise Brooks: A Biography by Barry Paris
x When It Happens to You by Molly Ringwald

One of my goals for 2013 was to read at least one book a month. So far I’ve read a total of 0 books in 2 months – go me!! K, instead of beating myself up about not being a natural bookworm, like my sisters, I’m going to get myself more audiobooks.

Happy World Book Day! I hope you have enough time today to relax and read or listen to a book.

Also, let me know if you have any book recommendations. I’ll need a pick me up after reading these two.x

Friday, March 1, 2013

Shop Update–Dogs and Floral Crowns

afterglow(31)I’m so excited to have Mishka in my shop. She is my friend Melissa’s dog who thinks she is the Queen of the world. I miss them both. Melissa asked me to draw Mishka after I started using the Paper app and I thought she was just to pretty not to put on one of my mirrors. She looks like a little fox!

I’ve also added two new ladies with floral crowns in anticipation for Spring. I’ve fallen in love with them and I really want a floral crown of my own. afterglow(34)They were inspired by a photo of my Mom and Dad on their way to prom where Mom is wearing one! Dad is still totally embarrassed by his tux but I think he looks awesome.
mom dad prom

You can visit my shop here.

Have a great weekend!!x


P.s. Had to resist the urge to put a flower crown on Mishka. I may just give in next time.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Case of the Thursdays

Isn’t she lovely? I’m posting my Friday links a little early. It has been months since posting one of these. Hope you find something you like and feel free to share your favorite things this week! I’d love to know. Here are mine…

x I watched Beyoncé's ‘Life Is But A Dream’ HBO documentary. I had never been a Beyoncé girl (at least not as much as the whole world seems to be). Her songs are fabulous and of course I know most of the words to them but I guess I just didn’t know much else about her, which is what she wanted, really. I sat down to watch it and within a minute I was holding back tears. Not sure if it’s a combo of being emotional lately (totally why) or because she seemed so raw and real. I really envy that. I strive to be a strong, confident woman and she is all that and 100xmore/b.o.c. I stood a little taller that day. I also saw the Oprah interview where Oprah said to Beyoncé that she watched it with 6 young girls and they said “she’s just like us!”. <3 Thank you Beyoncé. It was a really inspiring film.
x Coveting this bronze floral ring from Arrow Jewellery on Etsy
x Every morning for the last few weeks I’ve been playing this song. It’s just too good and get’s me pumped up for the day because I can’t help but dance to it. You should see the lead singer sing live too. It’s great.
x Probably the most gorgeous pregnancy announcement I’ve ever seen…ever. I hope that one day I can look half as beautiful with a flower crown and pregnant belly. Wow. So beautiful. Drape me in flowers!
x Yesterday I made sweet & sour chicken (via Goldteef’s Pinterest). So sticky, sweet and really easy to make. Plus I was already stocked up and didn’t have to buy any extra ingredients, just chicken.
x Smell like a real cat lady! I love this shop. I’m adding the tomato leaf oil to my collection because because because because becaaaaaaause.
x I saw this video and freaked out at how sweet this kid is then he totally transforms into an crazy tiny dancer. He is so shy but when he’s dancing he looks super confident. He loves it! If he’s this cool now…dang. Also, I like Ellen but I find it weird that she collects young Youtube sensations like Simon Cowell does on his shows. I think it makes them grow up so fast.
x A lovely giveaway to celebrate being self-employed for one year (so inspiring!!).
x My new greetings cards that I’m excited about having in my growing shop. Also, I’ve had some exciting news I hope to share here soon.x
x Hay Day. Wtf I’m obsessed. Ryan is also obsessed. He plays on my farm because he’s too cool. We’re considering turning our farm into a bakery where we just sell cakes, muffins, breads ect…Yep! It’s that bad. I’m at level 23 but apparently that’s nothing compared to all the other farms that have a billion trees, flowers and wild dogs runnin around everywhere. I dream about the day I buy my first goat and garden swing. I’m just sayin, if you don’t have a pet, a garden or both (like us) then maybe this is the game for you. Don’t judge me because I look forward to milking my cows and picking apples in my orchard every morning.

Hope you have a nice weekend!xx

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Moon & Stars

I read somewhere that this week is a new moon. I don’t know much about moons and stars but when I read what it meant I felt like I should be more aware and keep it in mind. I am that girl who reads the cheesy horoscopes in the back of the magazine then ooo’s and ahh’s.

The Virgo Moon reminds us that we are multidimensional beings. Our past, present and future lives are running simultaneously in the NOW. The Ascension process is challenging at times. This is true. We want to be proactive not reactive. We want to come from LOVE not fear. We are changing our DNA structure. Thus, we must practice Extreme Self-Care. Getting plenty of rest, quiet time, hydration, raw foods, reflection and meditation are requirements to stay balanced and purify our body, mind and heart for the spirit and soul.

The Sun in Pisces reminds us not to escape reality by seeing the best in someone or something. In this way, we can avoid disappointment. The Moon in Virgo encourages us to exercise discrimination in our choices. Keeping busy in personal pursuits will make for a happy Virgo Moon. For instance, this is a terrific time to dream, meditate, draw, write, play, and create. Imagine your life exactly the way you desire.

Also, Ryan gave me this lovely moon necklace from Tides for Valentine’s Day which makes me wonder…

Am I turning into Dorothy Torkelson?

Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day. Ryan ironed out his new dress shirt I bought him and I put on my first red dress. We went for a four course dinner (deal) at The Grand Cafe in Southampton. It was so funny to see couple after couple in suits and dresses at their little table for two with a single rose. The staff was buzzing around like mad. They were churning out choux pastry swans like nobody’s business. While we were eating, a gentleman dressed like Sinatra was gliding around the maze of tables, singing songs and making jokes into his muffled microphone that no one could understand. Ryan and I embraced the cheesiness and laughed to ourselves. Then he sang “I get a KICK out of youuuu” and I caught a glimpse of him doing karate kick next to a lady biting into her lamb chop and pretending that didn’t just happen. I mean if that isn’t entertainment?! 

We wanted to try the restaurant after always passing by on our way into town but I think we’ll stick to our usual spots that are a little more intimate. We had an entertaining night though.x