Thursday, April 16, 2009

I bought one of my favorite dresses ever the other day. I haven't worn it yet but HOPEFULLY I'll have an occasion soon to wear it to. (BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY)

Ryan also got me a phone! It's a cute, pink phone. He had like 5 days off of work so we got to spend lots of time together. He's working a bunch now...9 days in a row but then he has 2 weeks off! woo!

We've been cooking a lot more recently... well mostly Ryan but we try to keep it even. Last night was from a chicken cookbook I bought him for Christmas - Grilled Chicken-Cheddar Sandwiches with veggies and mashed potatoes...the pictures never look as good.

Ok bye!

P.s. I've applied to Teachers Assistant positions at Primary Schools here!
Cross your fingers!

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