Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I've been back in England now for about 3 weeks. The weather here is the same as I had left it - TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE. I think I always know it isn't going to be perfect though. The best days I've seen were when Ryan and I went to his parents house in Bristol. I LOVE it out there. It's just green fields, cows, horses, sheep, ducks and swans. I love how it looks like I've stepped into a scene from The Secret Garden. The roads are long and narrow with stone walls on both sides. It's a little scary when we're driving at night time but it's really kind of like an adventure. Ryan knows those roads because he grew up there but I have no idea what they're like!

It was a nice weekend but we made the trip under unfortunate circumstances. Ryan's Nan had passed away and the funeral was being held in Bath. Even though it was hard and a sad time for the family, everyone was together and Ryan's sister Lucy and her husband Julien flew in from France with good news. Lucy is having a baby- she's 2 months pregnant! Ryan's Mom is already trying to pick out clothes for ...whatever it's going to be! But Lucy doesn't even have a bump yet so it's going to be a while.

We'll be visiting them again in a few months (hopefully!). I loved it out there. I took 1,000 pictures of everything I saw. Even if it was an old door or a cat in an alley. Everything looked like it could be a postcard! Plus the weather was awesome.

So now what I'm trying to get together is all my Yoga stuff. I've found a few places nearby but I'm really missing the place I was going to in Florida. I have a few choices. Some are in schools and some are in converted houses. I'm trying to avoid going to the LA Fitness classes that were pretty boring...even though last year I was here I thought the instructor was trying to kill me. I'd like to continue practicing Ashtanga Yoga.

Ryan bought me a Nintendo DS to play around with and we bought some new games - Brain Training, Nintendogs, Disney Tetris thing, Let's Yoga - (which is awesome!). I got Nintendogs because I can't stand not having an animal around! It isn't the same of course but I needed SOMETHING! He's an Australian Shepherd puppy. I named him Josep - no h. (see; Jo Koy - Comedy Central)

I've been what Ryan and his Mom call "nesting" here. I've already bought a new shower curtain and rugs. He keeps telling me not to buy stuff but I can't help it. Boys don't go out and buy those things!!! If I'm going to be comfortable here I'm going to have to make it comfy to me. He doesn't mind. It's better than the RUBBER DUCKY curtain they had before. Boys...

I've started cooking - a little. I've already got some dishes I know I can cook from the top of my head - Enchiladas, Chicken Casserole, Homemade Macaroni & Cheese... ok yeah I think that's it. But hey!! It's better than nothing. We've started making a list of what we're going to make each day for a week (ok we just started this week) and we shopped for everything yesterday. Today is Smoked Salmon w/ Cous Cous and Asparagus. Oo la la! That's all Ryan there. I think this week I have Enchiladas, Baked Ziti and ...something else I can't remember right now.

Wow this entry is so boring... I'm writing about weather and food. Nothing super exciting is happening really. We've
visited with friends and had dinners at their place. A bunch of us played this really funny Wii game with "Rabbids". Ryan's flatmate has a Wii but has lent it to someone so I hope he gets it back soon so I can play!!

Oh I have a Twitter (un: Okay_Tea) account now but no phone, I think I'll look around for one soon but I dont REEALLY need a cell right now. (I've gone without a cellphone for a year and 3 months. crazy huh? I dunno why! Just haven't really needed one.)

Well no plans right now for anything... I asked what we should do for my birthday but Ryan keeps shhing me about it so there's something going on there. He knows I hate surprises so I'm sure I'll get it out of him!

More later!


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