Thursday, April 30, 2009

Knock-knock! Who's there? I'm ENGAGED!!! AHH!

WELL I'm back! Ryan surprised me with a trip to Paris for my birthday!
Right after he let me in on the secret we did some speed Paris-clothes shopping!

Not only did Ryan surprise me with the trip...the last night of our stay we were out exploring and he brings me to this church called The Sacré-Cœur Basilica (which means the church of the sacred heart). It sits on a hill in Montmartre that overlooks all of Paris! It was beautiful. THEN HE PROPOSED! I cried and cried when he asked then he asked again because I was too busy crying to answer! So we're engaged. He gave me a silver band because we're picking out my ring together. The band is quite big on me because I have what he calls "freakishly tiny (but beautiful) fingers".

Then we got lost for 3 hours. He doesn't want to admit it...infact he is arguing with me about it right now while I'm typing this - laughing. I mean we were LOST and there was NO ONE in sight. We finally got back to the hotel safe and sound (at 2am).

So now that all the family and friends know now it seems like it's even more REAL!

I will be going back to Florida in september because if I don't I'd never see England again! So we just need to start sorting out dates and visa's. (fiance/marriage visa)

A fiance visa means you can go to the UK for 6 months with proof that we'll be getting married. (for example: dress, invite, venue contract ect...) and we HAVE TO get married before the 6 months are up. And on top of that we need to sort out the marriage visa too...which means I can work in the UK and have insurance ect.

I wasn't really one of those girls that spends her life dreaming about her wedding day. But all of the sudden I've become obsessed with wedding blogs and collecting ideas and pictures.

Ryan and I have pretty similar tastes. I think planning the decor and things will be natural, pretty and romantic. It's all the legal stuff that's going to be complicated and frustrating!

I hope I get lots of advice because I know I'll need it!! My best friend Brittany who JUST had a wedding will be helpful. I'll steal all of her wise wedding knowledge. When I told her the news all she could talk about was how I'll be making her get on a plane and fly across the ocean!!

I think for the time being I'm just going to enjoy being a fiance. :)


stay tuned...

p.s. more photos here

also - wash your hands...a lot. hope everyone stays safe and healthy!


Morgan said...

congratulations! Looks like any amazing trip! You take beautiful photos!

K, tea? said...

thank you thank you!

cute blog! :)