Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Potential Vases

Potential vases for centerpieces? Potential colors in color palette?
It's going to be mismatchy because we found these at car boot sales and antique shops but I like that.
I'm kind of loving the idea of having little touches of art nouveau.
I like this but should I follow the rules of colors for springtime weddings?
There will be lots of lavender outside in the gardens so I wanted to go for purples or wine colors.
I'm so clueless about weddings. Any advice?


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

This is Brittany's Mom (I am babysitting) the only rule to follow for a wedding, is to do what YOU is your day, don't follow any "rules!" If you ever need my help, you can email me at

Jane said...

Being different is REFRESHING. If you like it - other people will too!