Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remember Paris

Drinking coffee reminds me of France now. We did drink it just about every day.
Look how unstylish I dressed when I was in Paris! (blue converse)
I was comfy though.

We had some good news a few days ago that Ryan's sister is having a BOY! Aww a little french baby boy.
I keep having lots of happy baby dreams. I think I'm freaking Ryan out a little! I'm definitely not having babies any time soon. I think it was just the news about his sister and...maybe all the Ricki Lake shows lately.

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Diane said...

Man, I can go for a cup o' coffee right about now. I woke up this morning expecting to find the coffee maker in the kitchen (like it always always is) but it was gone! I suspect my mom took it to her workplace or something (she's a manicurist and has her own shop). I am now going through the morning without coffee. I think my head caved in about half an hour ago but I didn't notice.

I'm jealous of the fact that you got to go to France! And drink coffee in France! That sounds lovely and perfect.