Saturday, July 11, 2009


I've been a No Doubt fan since I was around 10 or something.
I remember dancing to it with my brother in California on our summer breaks.
I kind of turned into a Gwenaholic. Posting pictures on my walls and dying the tips of my hair magenta!
My prom hair was inspired by her big poof-do's she'd wear on red carpets.
My bff is a bigger fan than I am which is awesome because I can get all retarded about it with her.
She had named kitties after Gwen, bought the bags and millions of tickets, swiped their set list paper (complete with footprint) and has many custom license plates.
I grew out of it (mostly) but today I've been No Doubting it up!
Here are a few of my favorite videos...

I also totally think Gwen Stefani looks like Joan Crawford.




I've probably spent too much time on this!!!

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Labour of Love said...

what a sweet post...saw your post on twitter + also love no doubt-those vids are fantastic~really heart 'don't speak' resemblance to joan crawford is uncanny! thanks for sharing these amazing photos...btw...your blog is absolutely your posts+pics~hope you don't mind but i fell in love with your heart map...and added one to mine...thanks for the sweet inspiration! xo jo;)