Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pointless Purchase??

I like to buy things just incase I don't get the chance to buy them again, a lot.
So when I saw these little tag things I had to get enough to use them in the Ryan & Katie Extravaaaganzaaa (wedding).
Some are bigger than others and some are more transparent than others.
Now I can't really figure out what I want to do with them.

I could use them as little tags for the favors but I wanted those cute pick & mix candy bar tables.

Any ideas?


anna and the ring said...

I want to do something like buy 10 or more good(ish) bottles of wine for important events over the next few years, first christmas, new year, anniversary etc. and get people to write a note and their good wishes and hang over the neck. Hope you don't think it's too lame.

Otherwise general guestbook things or place cards?

Voila ~ dans les vingt ans said...

At a family friend's wedding the bride (creative type!) had each guest write a good wish for the newly-wed couple on a tag. She then had the tags attached to helium balloons with their return address on the back of each tag and let all of the balloons go after the ceremony...she was over the moon receiving these little notes in the post for the next few months! it might work if your tags are light enough : )

Katie said...
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Labour of Love said...

what creative ideas so far!!! i also love tags too! esp, those heart tags...too adorable...how about using the tags as table markers~ y'know the table # + guests' names...and on the otherside an awesome b+w pic of the two you lovebirds...or a pic of your hands with that soon to be precious stone on your finger or different pics of your life together so far...? i also really like the idea of having your guests write something on them...maybe write some marital advice or a special memory of the happy couple and then frame the tags in a heart-shaped fashion over a lovely wedding pic of the two of you...to treasure forever... or maybe stringing the tags into a garland with pics of the two of you or special memories, words etc...oh so many great ideas...
(ps...thanks for the follow...i heart your style, your photos are amazing...+ your blog is sooo sweet! looking forward to more of your gorgeous adventures...)
xoxo jo;)

gangsta bride said...

maybe you could use them for a little guest book wishing tree, where guests could write wishes for the bride and groom and hang them on branches. OR they could be table markers with pretty calligraphy.

Katie said...

thanks guys! these ideas are awesome BUT most of these tags are like and inch! i should have thrown a coin in there so you could tell. but they're pretty small. i am for sure having some kind of twig trees though.