Friday, July 10, 2009

Quick trip to London!

My pretty ring should be here in a few weeks!
I got to try on a similar ring without the bling and it was perfect (still went with the bling though).
If you're ever around the Covent Gardens Market in London you should totally visit the Kabrini  store.

We had a good day. It didn't rain much until we got to the zoo. We just hid in the aquarium until it stopped.

I was also the closest I've EVER been to a tiger.
A sleeping tiger.

I was too busy falling in love with the Gorillas so I don't have any real pictures.

We napped in the park...

And stopped immediatly for pizza and watched MJ do his thang on tv.

We had a good trip but not enough pictures.
Ryan says it's a good thing because I enjoyed it more. It's nice though ya know, instead of snapping away all day.
I'm so happy we ordered my ring and had a nice trip together. Thank you, Burburrrr!

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