Monday, July 27, 2009

I finally watched Sex & the City - the movie.
First time watching any Sex & the City!
I would have preferred to watch it without PARENTS but ohhh how I should have guessed from the title it might get a little awkward.
I will admit that it was fun to look at all the clothes and expensive girly things. Kinda like how I love watching the makeover scenes in Clueless and the part in The Devil Wears Prada when she's transforming into a city girl. We love that kinda stuff, right?
BUT I was sitting next to my man when she got stood up at her own wedding!

That night after the movie I was like "Burrrb...?(our weird nicknames for each other) I'm not going on about wedding stuff too much am I?" ect...
He laughed and knew it was because of the movie...he said no of course and reassured me but I did start to take it easy after that with wedding talk.
I'm not spending any amount close to what Carrie Bradshaw (oh my god I remembered the name) was spending on her wedding. And we're talking about it together most of the time because everyone I'm close to is an ocean away! So he gets to hear about everything...that poor guy.

Anyway it was just sucky to watch that part. He did end up proposing again with a shoe in the end, OF COURSE!
How old is that movie? I need to get with the times.
Has the show been running for like 10 years? I didn't realise those girls were 40+

Alright It's sunny out. I should go outside...or atleast open some windows and make it seem like I am!!


Chelsea Robbins said...

I can't stand Samantha.

She's sucha whore bag.

Anonymous said...

the makeover that Anne gets in the devil wears Prada is awesome...yeah we do love that kinda stuff :)

anna and the ring said...

Oh girl. How have you not seen satc?!

Maybe I need to invite you over for a super marathon!

Kristin said...

WHAT? You must go get the boxed set ASAP. That fabulous show ran for six seasons and came out with a movie three years after it went off the air. They started out in there thirties and are now in their forties. Samantha being the exception at 50. Watch them all. You won't be disappointed. Totally worth it for the wardrobe alone!

Gaynor said...

Cant believe you only just saw it! I totally second that you should watch all the previous TV shows. I loved them all!