Monday, July 27, 2009


Hello again! We had a nice weekend in Bristol visiting Ryan's parents.
Lots of wedding talk and some shopping.
It was nice to get away from the e-world for a few days.

We're planning a trip back in September before I fly back to Florida.
There's a Wedding Fair thingie goin on - woo! It'll be my first one. How are those things?

I've been looking at these pictures a lot lately for centerpiece inspiration. I think I've gone twig crazy. I love it.

Also, it was my Dad's birthday yesterdayyy!! Miss him. Happy Birthday - again!

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Dionne said...

What lovely wedding decor pics! I went to two wedding fairs back when I was still engaged. One was awesome, and the other was junky. I guess it depends on where it is.

Happy belated birthday to your Dad!