Monday, July 13, 2009

What ISN'T in my bag?

I love the What's in your bag? Flickr group.
Here's mine at the moment (kind boring since I don't have all my things here!)

Clockwise from h&m bag
Cheap pink hand/nail lotion - Tesco
Snap wallet w/ 1,000 cards and things - Forever21
Oil sheets Clean&Clear - Target
Compact - Target
Only pair of shades in 2 years - Forever21
Anti-bacterial - Target
Bobby pins/clip/tie - Target
Strawberry Creme lip balm - e.l.f.
This months stolen handwipes - kfc
London Zoo ticket (last week)
Pink phone
Ipod/camera case
Camera (which I was using...)

1 comment:

Gaynor said...

This is cool! Its amazing how much stuff some people carry around. Your bag wasn't too cluttered.

Mine on the other hand sometimes gives me a sore shoulder since its so full of rubbish - mostly bits of paper! Its also wearing out which is the perfect excuse for the coach handbag i want to get on holiday!