Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bowling with zombies that smell like cows eating lasagna.

I've had a good couple of days. Just got back from bowing with Ryan! I kicked his butt (of course) but he is getting better.
We also did a little zombie killing at the arcade.
We spent the weekend at his parents house. Sunday was carboot day! I really love carboot sales.
We found tons of vases and bowls for the wedding. Ohhh sweet bargains.

On Monday we stopped by his grand parents for a little chat and on the way back to Southampton we saw signs for our venue.
We didn't realise how close we were to it so we took a quick visit and fell in love with it all over again.
The doors were locked but it was such a pretty day outside. Please please please be the same exact weather next June.

No, it doesn't smell like cows. (phew)
I can't say the same for the car ride down there.

We also took a trip to the mall today to find some underthings just incase I try on some dresses at the wedding fayre his Mum is taking me to in September.
She showed me her wedding dress and let me try on her veil. I got all red and nervous/excited. I saw Ryan peeking over when I had it on, smiling.

We're also looking into getting a Gocco. K, we're pretty sure we're getting one. Really exciting and hopefully worth every penny.

Anyway - Ryan's cooking up some lasagna so I'm off!


Chelsea Robbins said...

what's a gocco??

I can't wait for your wedding?

Barb. said...

what a nice place!

Brittany said...

Ok listen to me!! Most of the people who read your blog live in the US we dont know what Goccos are, who a Mum is, and why anyone would want to buy those yellow boots they put on cars when you dont pay. You need to translate!!

Katie said...

Brittany... Gocco's were made in Japan. Did you try the combo I told you about? Yeahhh

Brittany said...

I googled Gocco and I now understand very cool.....what combo?

Katie said...

Chelsea - a Gocco is a screen printing machine for our invites, rsvps, menus ect...

anna and the ring said...

Oh it looks so pretty! Yay for Gocco!