Monday, August 24, 2009

Commercial Blogging

Breakfast from the Burb. Thank youuu!

I'm blogging during commercial breaks. They're (the tv gods) are playing the third season of Project Runway episodes.
I still haven't seen the new show. I have to find it online somewhere so don't give anything away pleeease!

I've stopped waking up with the thought that the doorbell might ring and Ryan will answer it because I don't ever want to get out of bed aaand my beautiful ring will be nestled away in a little box waiting for me to put it on my finger.
It will arrive when it's ready.

Ryan started working on the wedsite again. It's prettyyyy.
I drove him a little crazy being picky and stuff but what's new?? It is coming together nicely.

Ok so on my ugly printer paper calendar I made - it says I need to choose the invitation paper or cardstock.
I've seen a lot of really nice paper for good prices but they're all in the US.
So can anyone tell me where I can find some good stuff in the UK?
I'll need to order it this week so I need some help!


Gaynor said...


Try PDA Card & Craft, they have quite a good range and not too expensive either for the paper or delivery.

I have just posted about how I managed to find the pocketfolds in the exact colour I wanted there!

Otherwise, I got the original paper from the Paper Mill who are really cheap aswell.

Hope that helps.


Chelsea Robbins said...

you MUST have a little table (use this as your guest book and make a scrap book out of it later) of little note cards where people write what love is to them!!!!

I can't hardly stand how friggin adorable this idea is!

Kathryn said...

They have Project Runway, Models of the Runway and the All Star Challenge on
That's where I watched it. It's glorious.

Katie said...

thanks girls. all caught up with project runway!(it's a circus this year!)

planning on taking a trip to look for paper at the paper mill shop.

chelsea! i've already bought the isle and clothes pins for that very idea. we're on the same wedding wavelength.