Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Most of the people that know me know I don't really know how to cook.
Since I've been in England I've tried a little more because ya know, girls are suppose to cook for their boys sometimes.
Hmm me, not so much.
I've tried but not that hard.
I only know how to make simple things that aren't that great for you anyway.
Seeing food blogs makes me want to keep trying though.

 I've got a month left here so I'm kicking myself to start cookin.

We're leftoveraholics so I'd like to make meals that can be turned into something else the next day.

Here are the few meals I know I can cook without messing it up:
-Macaroni and cheese
-Chicken casserole
-Chile Rellenos
-Boring spaghetti, boring burritos, boring other easy things everyone else knows how to make too

And... it's getting hard for me to think of more which means there probably isn't much more!

So what do you suggest?


anna and the ring said...

Oh try stroganoff or a risotto.

Both v easy.

And the super easy clam spaghetti! Yum yum.

Aubrey said...

curry... stir fry... lasagna... lentils... one-pot-meals are always a bit easier, just throw in whatever veggies you have on hand.

or check out more food blogs! hehe

life according to celia... said...

oh, god! i'm sorry but this made me laugh so hard!! i work as a cook, and when i get home from work, the last thing i want to do is, well, cook. i have had many, MANY peanut butter and jelly nights and i DO know how to cook!
anyway, i don't know if you guys have access to this magazine...
it's pretty awesome. it basically breaks down a weeks' meals and comes complete with a shopping list. it's right up your alley if you like leftovers because it gets you in the habit of eating everything you've got on hand. kind of genius!

p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog! xoxox