Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday lovely Sunday

I had a really nice weekend. 
Friday - we ate chinese food in the car, snuggled up in a duvet on the beach and watch the best fireworks show!
At home we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and didn't cry, am I a robot or did anyone else not cry?
Saturday - shopped around for tennies for the gym and actually found some on the first go!
Sunday afternoon - we did a little beach clean up and rewarded ourselves with some icecream and dog watching.
Sunday night - met up with some friends to catch up and talked a little about the wedding plans.
Next weekend is another trip to see Ryan's parents in Somerset...I love it there!


Chelsea Robbins said...

you and my mom are the only people in the world i think who say "tennies" It's adorable.

I love the shots.

Hows wedding planning???

You should come to vegas and play! I'd love to take some photos of you guys!

L; said...

I'm not quite sure now how I found your blog, but here I am... Just wanted to say I think your pictures are beautiful!