Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 days

So, yes!  I have started to use the Gocco.
The first print wasn't the best quality but I'm trying to just love it so we don't waste the screens and paper.
We've filled the entire room with the invites to dry.
Tomorrow we'll print on the other side with all the pretty fonts and take another trip to the paper mill to get our RSVP's.

Ryan forced me to spend the rest of the day in the dark.
We were at his parents this weekend and his dad gave him his projector.
So he set it up so that he can play xbox on the wall!!

My future Mum-in-law took me to two wedding fairs yesterday.
I've met a potential florist who is so so awesome.
She was the only florist I had met that day that wasn't just saying things to get me to sign something.
I entered many giveaways and left with a huge bag full of...recycling - basically.
I realized later I had given them all the wrong email address, hmm...maybe it's for the better.

10 days left in England

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