Wednesday, September 23, 2009

K, coffee?

Haven't had one of these bad boys in over 6 months. SEE YOU TOMORROW!
(-tha Yoga book...which I haven't practiced since Julyish.)
No one drinks iced coffees in England. Well I never saw anyone drinking them. At Starbucks they look at me like I'm crazy. Ask for an iced green tea! The people in line waiting will hate you. You must have your coffee iced here, it's way too hot if you're out and about.

I left my heart at Coffee Republic.x


Brittany said...

oooo get a green tea lemonade! You will be hooked....but tell them just 1/2-1 pump of sweetner, sometimes they get carried away

jonovan said...

iced coffee @ starbucks here is $4.00.

what do they drink in england?!?!?! bloody mary's
hahaha get it!

Rebecca said...

I have them sometimes, but the weather isn't often conducive to wanting a iced coffee up in cumbria...

Katie said...

brittany - will for sure try that.
brian - what about mac donalds? and ok that was sorta funny.
rebecca - i think floridians are just obsessed with it.