Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Navy

I had to get a hitch on the new Xterra today at Uhaul and I had an hour and a half to kill. Soo I wandered over (walked by myself in the blistering sun...even my toes were melting) to Old Navy because I haven't been since I flew England. I kind of have a love like/hate relationship with Old Navy. Sometimes I can find good basics on sale, some nice flats or a bag. Most of their stuff runs really big & wide on me. I couln't believe how many sweaters they had. IT'S FLORIDA!?! It was making me more hot just walking past them. I grabbed a few tops to try and waste time. They have lots of my favorite colors out right now, nice scarves and bags.

I didn't know how to stand so I thought I'd just do what the mannequins were doing.
(all under $30)

And there's my original outfit. I found some Express jeans I bought like 6 years ago when flares came back the first time...they don't look flarey enough for the second time around. Top and bag from H&M, flip flips from Target.


Brittany said...

I LOVE that purpley blue one with the tie in the front! It looks so cute on you, and it's not black! lol

Rebecca said...

I like the first one best :)

Rebecca said...
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Velo said...

simple and natural =)

tfh. said...

Are you in Palm Harbor right now?

Email me!