Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Over the ocean

Have you ever been away  from your man for four months? That's what I'm going through right now. We have been apart for 3 months before so this will be our longest. We've been flying back and forth overseas for 2 years. I can't wait until I'm finally in one place with him. I'd love some stability.

Our wedding is in June. I have kind of put a stop to planning since I've been back in Florida. There really isn't much I can do. I keep seeing vases and things in bulk that I'd never see in England...which pisses me off because there's no way I'd ship all of it over. Anyway, I plan on finding a dress while I'm here and Ryan will finish and send out our invites. That's about all the planning I can think of. When I fly back to England in January I'll have six months on my fiance visa to plan and get married. People plan weddings in much less time, right? And girls have gone without seeing their men for years. I've done it before and we can do it again. We're getting married and then we'll be together forever and wish we were in different countries! It'll be worth it. It just kinda sucks the most...ever.


Mama Bird said...

I was so homesick and missed Dustin so badly when I was in Thailand, I cried myself to sleep and wrote him a love note on a piece of paper that was in the night stand in the hotel....It's so hard. I'm sorry. I know the feeling and i was only apart from him for 14 days.

It will be wonderful when theres no more flying!
Can't wait to see your dress!

Katie said...

thanks so much chelsea.xx

chicncheap said...

It's tough, no doubt. We did it last year and it was very challenging and emotionally taxing.

The wedding is a big awesome party for you. The rest is...a new life.

Good luck planning. Saw a nice stationary shop the other day - let me know if I can help with any English planning suggestions (will be a more knowledgeable English resident by then).