Friday, September 18, 2009

Partly Sunny Florida

I'm back in Florida and It's so humid you wouldn't believe it.
It was really hard saying goodbye. I cried lots as the plane took off and I could see England getting further away.
I must say that British Airways really pulled through and was like a best friend giving me tissues. I had the tv in front of me with like 10 new release movies to choose from, older movies and tons of tv shows. I watched 3 girly movies, frasier, friends, the inbetweeners and peep show all while they stuffed me with sausages, mashed potatoes, chicken sandwiches, crackers, CHEESECAKE, tea and more. I wanted to pull one of them aside and tell them how much they helped me out at such a sucky time but I thought I'd break out into tears again. So really, thank you British Airways.

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Gaynor said...

Glad you enjoyed your flight and good to hear Florida is lovely and warm. 2 months till I go on holiday to Florida but sadly we are flying US Airways!