Friday, October 16, 2009

Bo, k?

I've been thinking about maybe having Sweetpeas for my bouquet. I like how soft and floppy they look. I'd only have a handful and maybe white. My ladies would have a dark color or maybe pink. I've read that they're the most popular flowers for weddings in Spring. Hmm, not lately! All I see now are yellow ball things, sticks and buttons.

I just finished making a facebook countdown thing for the wedding...239 days. Gah.

photo via mamako7070


Gaynor said...

Yeh, I love Sweet Peas too, both my mum and granny had them in their bouquets so I would like to have some in mine too. Although mum doesnt think we will be able to get them here in April.

jones said...

that photo is amamzing and sweet peas would be a perfect flower.

steph@alittlebirdieweds said...

these are really pretty. can I have them too?

Katie said...

of course!