Sunday, October 4, 2009

Don't be tardy for the party

Yard sale was awesome. I didn't take any pictures but I should have. I was only running on one hour of sleep. It was fun to have friends and some of the friends' family there to keep us from packing up all of our junk and getting out of that SUN. My nose is all red and I have a farmers tan. I'm glad it's over!

As for tonight..
I've been wanting to work on wedding things tonight but I can't figure out what to do! I've started making a few color palettes but they'll probably just change next month. I got caught up on all my wedding inspiration blogs and I'm getting kind of bored. They're all lovely of course but it's time to see something new. Or maybe I'm not into them because they're just not me or Ryan. I can't wait to look around on the day and see all of our personal touches. This photo found at Once Wed got me missin him (more)

Ohhh England... I can't wait to see your pretty hills, stinky cows and that handsome man in Southampton waiting for me.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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Barb. said...

I hope you find inspiration!