Monday, November 16, 2009

Art class

Can you smell that? I can.
These photos remind me of when I used to be a volunteer art teacher for my litte sisters first grade class. I think I'll look into something like that when I go back to England. Since I can't work I'll need to keep busy with lots of volunteering. (not long now!)

photos via .oh my deer.


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Katie, you're English?! Where in England will you be?

Katie said...

I'm not English but my fiance is! I'll be in Southampton.

Anonymous said...

Katie!!! Thank you for your sweet sayings :) I thought you hated me for awhile :( didn't know why...but I did. LOL, I miss your face! Just checked out your blog...LOVE IT! Congrats on the engagement, how exciting. I love the bottles of paint and jars of colored pencils, reminds me of my side of the garage, lol, I haven’t done any art work in a long time, this picture makes me want to take my brushes out. Well I hope all is well girly, I send lot's of love your way, so nice to hear from you.