Friday, November 6, 2009

Ceremony Venue?

YES that is a picture of Joan Crawford and YES I took it as a sign that I should look into hiring this Little Theatre! Ryan messaged me early this morning talking about possible venues for our ceremony. We can get married in the same barn we're having the reception and we kinda planned on doing that anyway but I've been grumpy about not having a proper aisle to walk down. I'd have to walk up stairs and then just pop out of the floor and get married...and I kinda really want an aisle.
Right when he sent the link to the theatre I could have sworn a little birdie got engaged there - and she did! Such a good story that they were on the front page of the paper!

This place is so cool.

via flickr


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oooh, looks cute. If you want an aisle, get an aisle! Crossing my fingers for you!

east side bride said...

it is very cute.

steph@alittlebirdieweds said...

That place is amazing! The people who work there are so friendly too. It's really romantic and definitely has an aisle! Go for it sistah!