Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello Novemeber

Halloween was fun.
I started the night off (thinking that I was..) looking like a silent film actress and ended up looking a lot like Edward Scissor hands in a dress...with hands. It definitley had to do with the lips and brows.

Anyway Halloween is over and all the kids stole my candy within an hour. Well, it was their candy but they are getting more greedy every year!

So on to wedding stuff -We are starting to put together our gift registry and "wedsite" because we need to have our invites done by the end of the month! Ahh I get stressed just thinking about it. We still need to order more Gocco supplies,  figure some things out with the prints, and order enevelopes. The Gocco invites seem like more of a hassle than I thought they would be BUT...we will figure it out and they will be beautiful.

I love picking things out for us though. It's fun to have a wish list but I want to keep it to necessities, of course. But this seems necessary, right??

via bywhite
It also comes in red and white. I know, I know. I won't include it...especially because it's 92 bucks. Seriously. I'll keep googling.


jonovan said...

well..if you really want a lunch tray for your wedding gift i'm sure I can pull some strings

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Gocco! Fancy lady!

You have to have a few nice things on there for fun. Hmm, if not a lunch tray how about random fancy stuff for yourself! I got a $188 Jennifer Behr headband (well they gave cash for me to buy it) from the registry, you never know!

Katie said...

wow brian, now that you've said it like that i really need to filter my list.

chic - omg a jennifer behr headband...i need to be wearing one DURING the wedding.

Barb. said...

I love wish lists! It's really fun

Good luck with the invites!
I hope you find some nice things googling! I love the things you share here


anna and the ring said...

So cute! Just put it on anyway! Wish list aspirational baby!

P.S. Go go gocco! I think I may have to actually figure out how to make things pretty so any tips would be hot!