Monday, November 30, 2009

Visa stuff

I have an appointment to get my biometrics today. I thought this was the fiance visa interview because we paid for the application already (which is way too expensive) so we gathered everything we have kept on our relationship since the beginning. I've got phone bills, bank statements, photos, flights, hotels, letters, emails...even movie ticket stubs - I dunno, maybe they want that stuff too?? Apparently we need lots and lots of proof for the UK to approve of us. I don't think the interview is today though, thank god. That stuff makes me nervous. I think I just have to send everything off and then wait. Not exactly sure so I'm bringing all the info with me just incase. 

I wanted to blog about this because we tried to look around for real human help but we couldn't really find what we needed - so Ryan said I should. I know of a few blogs that were about overseas couples but nothing on my situation. If you don't already know - my situation is: met my british man in America, flew back and forth for a while, got engaged in Paris, intend to marry and live in England.

My flight leaves January 13th and I feel like we are the biggest procrastinators in the world. I am super crossing my fingers so that everything works out ok and in time. I'll post an update on how it goes in the afternoon. Still a little nervous. This official stuff freaks me out.

I did love going through old letters and seeing all the pictures. It just keeps me focused on doing all of these things we have to do to be together. Still, almost there.


Barb. said...

I hope everything goes well! ;-)

Jane said...

Everything will be fine. They just ask you a few questions - they are people too. You don't have anything to worry about since you are on the up and up! When I went with Steve - we already had three kids so ours wasn't a problem. It will be fine for you too.