Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yessssss! 5 minutes ago I just opened an email saying...

Your application has been approved and the visa has been issued.

My Fiance Visa is in the mail and everything! It's supposed to get here tomorrow. I screamed a few times. WOW. I'm so surprised at how fast everything happend!

(For anyone going through the same situation)
We did the online visa application in about an hour (took our time and answered slowly and carefully). Then we paid for it online and they let me schedule an appointment to get my biometrics taken (at first we didn't really know what the appointment was for. We were prepared for an interview). I went in the next couple of days then shipped all of our supporting documents a few days later. They recieved the package the next day (friday) and sent an email the following tuesday (yesterday) saying it's being processed and could take up to 50 days! Then I get an email today saying we're approved and it's on its way!

So happy! Earlier today I was on the phone with my Dad saying I was worried because we already bought my ticket to go out there and if I didn't have my passport there's no way I could go. Well everything has worked out perfectly.


Barb. said...

I'm happy for you!

Katie said...


Spare Thoughts said...

Blogland is a bizarre place, when I read your tweet about this last night I broke out into a huge grin! O thought I might have been drinking until I explained what had happened - but you don't know them he said. Well not in real life no, but one of my blog friends got great news and that makes me smile! A few more woop woops and congratulations, really happy for you both.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Yay Katie!

Ours didn't take long either. Sometimes bureaucracy isn't all that bad.

Katie said...

You guys are really awesome. Love blogland. I guess I was expecting it to be much longer, much worse. I thought I'd be having a panic attack a few days before I leave, waiting on this thing. But UPS called today saying it will be here today. (SO DON'T GO OUT SHOPPING KATIE) xxxx