Saturday, December 5, 2009

Brr, coats?

I know that I'll probably still freeze my butt of but these coats are totally my thing and are a pretty decent price. I have had some good luck with jackets at forever21. They are cheap but they're cute. I just wish they made the arms longer...infact I wish every clothing store made the arms longer. I do need to find a more sporty coat I can wear with tennies.

 It was actually a little chilly last night in Florida. I went out with my friend Melissa and were shivering. Ryan has no sympathy because of how cold it must be out there. Please be warmer in January, England...I'm begging you! See you soon, coats.


very married said...

oo, i like the top one!

Savoir Weddings said...

I like the top one too, just bought myself a similar one. And are you hoping England is going to be warmer than Florida in January because if so I think you'll be a bit disappointed!?

Spare Thoughts said...

Number 3, number 3! I want I want. And er, you've no chance of England being warm - sorry to disappoint.