Saturday, December 12, 2009

Katie vs. Cold

I went shopping the last couple of days to get winter clothes for England. My pre-wardrobe sort of consists of a few light jackets, wife beaters, grey t-shirts, black t-shirts and flip flops. Seriously though.  Since I'll be flying back there in the winter time and there's pretty much no chance of it getting warmer at all, no matter how many times I wish for it. I had to get some things. I'm pretty picky because I have to get something I can (and will) wear/wash one million times.

So far I have a short-ish super warm jacket, a sweatery peacoat, two scarves, one little saggy hat, FOUR pairs of flats, one pair of boots, a must have red plaid shirt, one maroon sweater (I know...), two cardiganish tops and a new blazer just because of the discount I had.

I'm not blogging about this to brag about my new things (I kind of am because I haven't shopped in forever). I'm blogging about it because the best part is that I got all of that for $265.


So anyway - great deals. But another good thing is that my passport came back on thursday with my shiney new UK fiance visa sticker thingie inside of it.  Good things are happening! Also, Ryan has been working super hard on our wedsite which means we can get those annoying invites out. Yes, they're annoying. AND my brother will be here in week!

Hope good things are happening for you and you're all staying warm.x


Barb. said...

I miss shopping!!

Brittany said...

oh no The Gap got to you didn't they...I saw the word plaid

Katie said...

Those commercials are guaranteed channel changers. I'm a bargain shopper OK. You can buy those t-shirts anywhere these days. I got mine at Wet Seal. Can you believe that place still exists?? Before the other day, I haven't walked into one since we were probably 14.