Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shrinky Dinks

I'm having a yard sale with my friend this weekend so I'm going through all my junk. Look what I found! These are so dumb and funny. Melissa and I were playing around with Shrinky Dinks last year and I made these...

Yeah, I never actually wore any of them but it was fun.

If you are into stuff like this (but way better!) you should check out CuteAbility.

Over the ocean

Have you ever been away  from your man for four months? That's what I'm going through right now. We have been apart for 3 months before so this will be our longest. We've been flying back and forth overseas for 2 years. I can't wait until I'm finally in one place with him. I'd love some stability.

Our wedding is in June. I have kind of put a stop to planning since I've been back in Florida. There really isn't much I can do. I keep seeing vases and things in bulk that I'd never see in England...which pisses me off because there's no way I'd ship all of it over. Anyway, I plan on finding a dress while I'm here and Ryan will finish and send out our invites. That's about all the planning I can think of. When I fly back to England in January I'll have six months on my fiance visa to plan and get married. People plan weddings in much less time, right? And girls have gone without seeing their men for years. I've done it before and we can do it again. We're getting married and then we'll be together forever and wish we were in different countries! It'll be worth it. It just kinda sucks the most...ever.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Secret favorite movie

Whenever I can't sleep there's some silent film on tv super late at night that puts me right to bed.
I tweeted about it and later tweeted again about my secret favorite movie. It's not really a secret for some people because I think it's a really popular silent film. I like to keep it all to myself because I found it one night when I was around 17 years old, again with the tv on and not able to sleep. I totally cried at the end and then never saw it again until a couple of years ago when I found it on YOUTUBE?! The art deco side in me can't get enough.

Anyway I love it and I want to share it.


(watch the whole film on youtube)

Wishpot Giveaway!

Ladies, Wishpot is having a giveaway! Enter to win this red Kate Spade designer bag. Can you believe I don't have ANY designer bags? I'd love for this to be the first... but I'll let you have a chance too. ;)

You have 3 chances to enter so do it before Monday, October 5th.
Fingers crossed!xx

Sunday not so lovely Sunday

That's how I've felt for the past three days. I've been all stuffed up and achey. This gross thing needs to leave my body - like now.

I haven't been sick since the beginning of the year and it's probably my fault. I haven't really been taking care of myself or eating and drinking right since I've been back. Ryan takes better care of me than I do.

Dear Body,
I promise to feed you more healthy foods, drink more water n stuff and get my butt out of bed. Get well soon.

(This is kinda cute instead of those ugly plastic things.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've missed you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Navy

I had to get a hitch on the new Xterra today at Uhaul and I had an hour and a half to kill. Soo I wandered over (walked by myself in the blistering sun...even my toes were melting) to Old Navy because I haven't been since I flew England. I kind of have a love like/hate relationship with Old Navy. Sometimes I can find good basics on sale, some nice flats or a bag. Most of their stuff runs really big & wide on me. I couln't believe how many sweaters they had. IT'S FLORIDA!?! It was making me more hot just walking past them. I grabbed a few tops to try and waste time. They have lots of my favorite colors out right now, nice scarves and bags.

I didn't know how to stand so I thought I'd just do what the mannequins were doing.
(all under $30)

And there's my original outfit. I found some Express jeans I bought like 6 years ago when flares came back the first time...they don't look flarey enough for the second time around. Top and bag from H&M, flip flips from Target.

My poor knees

K, here's my work station. Since I don't do my hair and makeup in the bathroom like a normal person...I've been kneeling on the floor and for too long! I'm thinking I need some kind of vanity or a desk with a mirror on the wall. I'm not very good at this. What does yours look like? It can't be worse than THIS.
"oo peice-a-candy!"

K, coffee?

Haven't had one of these bad boys in over 6 months. SEE YOU TOMORROW!
(-tha Yoga book...which I haven't practiced since Julyish.)
No one drinks iced coffees in England. Well I never saw anyone drinking them. At Starbucks they look at me like I'm crazy. Ask for an iced green tea! The people in line waiting will hate you. You must have your coffee iced here, it's way too hot if you're out and about.

I left my heart at Coffee Republic.x

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Less than a week later...

The balloons are starting to deflate and it's becoming more and more clear that I'm not just here visiting. I won't be going back to England any time soon. January seems so far away today. My dad has been doing a good job trying to keep my mind off of it with a trip to Ikea, boating and a baseball game tonight. It just seems like part of me is missing. I think even the dogs can sense it.
I feel so much more quiet. I don't have Ryan to talk about everything, nothing, and to just get me - sorta.
I feel like one of the girls in a Caroline Hwang illustration.
I'll try hard to not let this blog turn into a whinefest!


I found Illinois the other day while we were making sandwiches on the boat.

That's all.

Take good care of myyy...baaaby

Really missing the crap out of these two!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pizza Partner

We probably did this once every other week.

I miss getting fat off pizza with you.


This is how my friend Melissa and I boat...

Friday, September 18, 2009


I don't have many home things I've kept over long perioids of time. I'm always moving and leaving things behind. I don't know how but I have kept this little Ikea lamp for around 7 years. I found the little blue bird at an antique shop 5 years ago. And there is also a picture of my dad holding me as a baby Katie that I haven't managed to lose. These are a few of my favorite things.

I guess it's good that I don't have much anymore since I'm planning to ship myself to England next year for good(ish).


Partly Sunny Florida

I'm back in Florida and It's so humid you wouldn't believe it.
It was really hard saying goodbye. I cried lots as the plane took off and I could see England getting further away.
I must say that British Airways really pulled through and was like a best friend giving me tissues. I had the tv in front of me with like 10 new release movies to choose from, older movies and tons of tv shows. I watched 3 girly movies, frasier, friends, the inbetweeners and peep show all while they stuffed me with sausages, mashed potatoes, chicken sandwiches, crackers, CHEESECAKE, tea and more. I wanted to pull one of them aside and tell them how much they helped me out at such a sucky time but I thought I'd break out into tears again. So really, thank you British Airways.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goodbye England

Well it's my last night here. I can't believe how fast it has flown by! I'm going to miss England soooo much but I'm going to miss my man even more.

 We had a good day today at Longleat. The monkey part was closed which sucked but we got to see the house and gardens this time. The house was huge. I didn't take any pictures though... I totally forgot because there was so much to look at. I wanted to ask the people that worked there about scary stories and all the secret things, it was like The Overlook Hotel for sure.

Ryan has really done so much for me since I've come to live with him. He takes me to the best places and is always surprising me. I love him I love him I love him. I'll miss him so much.
 Bye England

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


See you guys tomorrow - Longleat Day!!
Hopefully I'll come back and not get stuck in the maze all night because Ryan left me in there. So creepy like The Shining!!

(p.s. I got my ring!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

White lace and promises

I tried on around 20 dresses yesterday. So pooped by the end of the day.
Then had to take the train back home which took forever because of maintenance and bleh.
Anyway - it was a good day. Had fun spending time with Ryan's Mum.

I thought I was going to be trying on the slim/curvy dresses but I found myself diving into big poofballs all day.
They did look better because I don't have enough shape for the structured ones...but I LIIIIKE those.
I did find one that had both. It was a little more what I was looking for. It felt less prom dressy but when we looked it up online... turns out it was a prom dress that had been disguised as a wedding dress. Whatever!! It was pretty.

I wasn't super excited to try on dresses because I thought I was just going to look ridiculous. It turns out they make you feel all pretty and girly! It will be interesting to see what they're like in America.

5 more days left in England

Friday, September 11, 2009


Friggen Gocco. IT has wasted 3 screens trying to get things right.

Anyway aside from our invitation drama...I'm doin ok. Tomorrow I'll be hopping on the train to Weston to go dress browsing with Ryan's Mum. It's probably not the best area to look but I just want to try stuff on.

I've been staying up every night until 4am and waking up at 2 since Ryan has had this week off. We are totally wasting the daytime but we're night owls and it's hard to snap out of it. I'm supposed to be up by 8 tomorrow to catch the train - wish me luck.

Oh remember when I ordered my ring like...8 LONG weeks ago?  After lots of calling and emailing around the world - it was finally sent yesterday. I'm hoping it gets here before I fly away next week or...well whatever I'm used to waiting for it.

Check me out...with my hand on my butt. (last year in London)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 days

So, yes!  I have started to use the Gocco.
The first print wasn't the best quality but I'm trying to just love it so we don't waste the screens and paper.
We've filled the entire room with the invites to dry.
Tomorrow we'll print on the other side with all the pretty fonts and take another trip to the paper mill to get our RSVP's.

Ryan forced me to spend the rest of the day in the dark.
We were at his parents this weekend and his dad gave him his projector.
So he set it up so that he can play xbox on the wall!!

My future Mum-in-law took me to two wedding fairs yesterday.
I've met a potential florist who is so so awesome.
She was the only florist I had met that day that wasn't just saying things to get me to sign something.
I entered many giveaways and left with a huge bag full of...recycling - basically.
I realized later I had given them all the wrong email address, hmm...maybe it's for the better.

10 days left in England

Monday, September 7, 2009