Monday, November 30, 2009

Visa stuff

I have an appointment to get my biometrics today. I thought this was the fiance visa interview because we paid for the application already (which is way too expensive) so we gathered everything we have kept on our relationship since the beginning. I've got phone bills, bank statements, photos, flights, hotels, letters, emails...even movie ticket stubs - I dunno, maybe they want that stuff too?? Apparently we need lots and lots of proof for the UK to approve of us. I don't think the interview is today though, thank god. That stuff makes me nervous. I think I just have to send everything off and then wait. Not exactly sure so I'm bringing all the info with me just incase. 

I wanted to blog about this because we tried to look around for real human help but we couldn't really find what we needed - so Ryan said I should. I know of a few blogs that were about overseas couples but nothing on my situation. If you don't already know - my situation is: met my british man in America, flew back and forth for a while, got engaged in Paris, intend to marry and live in England.

My flight leaves January 13th and I feel like we are the biggest procrastinators in the world. I am super crossing my fingers so that everything works out ok and in time. I'll post an update on how it goes in the afternoon. Still a little nervous. This official stuff freaks me out.

I did love going through old letters and seeing all the pictures. It just keeps me focused on doing all of these things we have to do to be together. Still, almost there.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Almost there

We just booked my one way flight to England.
We also started my fiance visa application process. I've got an appointment on monday. AHHH!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wedding Videos

I'm not sure why I prefer these stop motion videos to just regular video - but I do.

Erin and Michael - Wedding from LemonLime Photography on Vimeo.

Jessica & Tad - Wedding from LemonLime Photography on Vimeo.

Lisa & David - Wedding from LemonLime Photography on Vimeo.

Note to self: must have Sigur Ros on the playlist.

found this photographer at oncewed

Monday, November 23, 2009

La woohoo!

Ok so I've just heard through the grapevine that she has postponed her Southampton show tomorrow until April 25th - my birthday. I had her show on my gmail calendar for a while and deleted it last night so I wouldn't be reminded of how I'm missing it. Now's it's back on! I fly back in January so I've got plenty of time. I'll be there and thiiis time babyyy I'll beee...ok you get it.


It's a good ugh. It's because wedding is so pretty.

via style me pretty
photos by max wagner


I reunited with family I haven't seen in over 10 years on friday.

 Then they kidnapped me and took me to Epcot the next day. I've never been! It was so nice of them and really fun. Epcot had tons of different countries to visit and one of them being the UK! It was so cute. I felt like I was back in England again...except with Mary Poppins walking around. We ate fish and chips in England and Sushi in Japan. The night ended with the best fireworks show I've ever seen. I couldn't believe Epcot does that EVERY night. That's insane.

Such a good weekend. It was fun being a kid again with my cousins and talking about when we used to play school and dress up allllll the time. This past year I've really been trying to keep in touch better with everyone in my life. I'm getting there. (SORRY BFF!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

C'est un garçon !

Ryan's sister Lucy had her baby! Ryan flys to France to see them for a week and I am so jealous. I can't wait to go back and meet him.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still swooning

I first saw pictures of Fox Hotel over four years ago and I'm still crushing on these rooms. If I could stay in one, how could I choose?

So many artists and so many rooms. I really have to stop myself from posting all of them.

Hello Kitty

Ahh haha, my brother just blogged about strawberry scented Hello Kitty toilet paper in Japan.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bag Romance

I'm having a fringe moment. I think it's because I wore my leather jacket today.

Leather fringe bags by marianagaby on etsy

Heel toe

Yes, I like what they've done here. Nice choice of purples and pinks, ladies.

photo by corbin gurkin via once wed

Art class

Can you smell that? I can.
These photos remind me of when I used to be a volunteer art teacher for my litte sisters first grade class. I think I'll look into something like that when I go back to England. Since I can't work I'll need to keep busy with lots of volunteering. (not long now!)

photos via .oh my deer.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yes plz

I really want this. I saw the runway view and there's a tummy pooch but other than that, I like it.
(over at asos)


I must be super out of the loop because I just saw this today. All those different?!? Did you see when??!! How did they?!
I'm there.


Remember these? I still love them and I kinda really want them but, I'd totally have to make them myself.
Anyway I just saw the sneak peek CONFETTISYSTEM/Urban Outfitters colab called PartyParty - over at Oh Joy! eee!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I love this idea. They send off the impression kit and everything. It could be the fiance's print, the two of you, family members or kids wrapped around your finger forever.

by fabuluster on etsy

What happend to Andre??

It's the Project Runway finale pt.1 toniiiight. So excited that it's all the best ladies left. Go girls!
Who is it going to be? Carol Hannah, Althea or the mean one?

Gmorning Honey!

Ryan sent me this.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I don't really wear much jewelry but, if I's a necklace.
Founds these at BROOKLYNrehab on etsy.

The Hellz

So Audrina was with Justin then they break up and Justin gets with Kristin and tells her he was never with Audrina then Justin was with Adrina again when he was dating Kristin and he told Audrina he was never with Kristin then Kristin found out about Justin and Audrina being together and Kristin dumped him and got with Brody who used to date Kristin and just broke up with Jade then Jade saw Brody with Kristin and now Jade wants Brody back and Audrina wants Justin back but Justin wants Kristin back so it's all like...dramaaaa!

Yeah I know, it's horrible and I love it.

Remarkable Repairs

A few entries I like from the Remarkable Repairs contest over at Platform 21.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She's having a boy

The bff is having another baby boy. Boys, boys, boys! Braden will be a big brother in the spring time -and such a good one.
Congratulatios Baby Mama!

My man and food

I was just browsing through my flickr and it has now become apparent to me that I am constantly taking pictures of my man...eating.

This is normal girlfriend behavior, right?

7-11, here I come

(picture from our trip to avignon, france)
I know "winter" is coming and everything but I've totally been craving slushies.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What are your colors?

That question is going to drive me crazy! I know I've got to have some kind of color palette but I'm having such a hard time commiting to certain colors. I don't want a color themed wedding. I guess I should have thought about that before we started buying wine colored vases. I'll always love that color and I definitely want it in our wedding but I just don't want the place drenched in it. I've been playing around on where you're able to post an image and it takes colors from that image and give you a bunch of swatches to choose from to make a palette of five colors. I seem to keep choosing the same bunch of colors. A wine color, deep plum, midnight blue, a light pink and a slate grey. They're really not spring colors but I can always choose the light pastel colors that go a long with those, right? I don't really know the rules but they're already annoying.
The photos I put into the site were similar to the one I put on the galaxy wedding post. I keep going back and staring at them and at how pretty those colors are.

When we chose the barn as our venue I was seeing so many country weddings it was ridiculous. I totally fell in love with that whole look but - we are not country. Don't get me wrong, I love our venue. I just really have to start figuring it out. I'm glad the barn is so bare though. It gives me lots to work with. The stone walls do make me a little crazy. It worries me when I think about decorating.

There it is again!
Can't I just have whatever colors I want? I mentioned that to Ryan and he's afraid it's just going to be a mess of colors. I just dont want to be restricted to a few colors. Ai yai yai!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Childhood Photos

Insipired by a post from A CUP OF JO!

(a good excuse)

My brother and I as kids. I love the last picture. He probably secretly wants to push me off that thing.

Brian has been in Japan teaching english to kids and adults for almsot a year now (I think). He'll be visiting us in Florida for Christmas which is so rad. Can't wait!

Ceremony Venue?

YES that is a picture of Joan Crawford and YES I took it as a sign that I should look into hiring this Little Theatre! Ryan messaged me early this morning talking about possible venues for our ceremony. We can get married in the same barn we're having the reception and we kinda planned on doing that anyway but I've been grumpy about not having a proper aisle to walk down. I'd have to walk up stairs and then just pop out of the floor and get married...and I kinda really want an aisle.
Right when he sent the link to the theatre I could have sworn a little birdie got engaged there - and she did! Such a good story that they were on the front page of the paper!

This place is so cool.

via flickr


Cute but don't even think about it.

via oncewed

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello Novemeber

Halloween was fun.
I started the night off (thinking that I was..) looking like a silent film actress and ended up looking a lot like Edward Scissor hands in a dress...with hands. It definitley had to do with the lips and brows.

Anyway Halloween is over and all the kids stole my candy within an hour. Well, it was their candy but they are getting more greedy every year!

So on to wedding stuff -We are starting to put together our gift registry and "wedsite" because we need to have our invites done by the end of the month! Ahh I get stressed just thinking about it. We still need to order more Gocco supplies,  figure some things out with the prints, and order enevelopes. The Gocco invites seem like more of a hassle than I thought they would be BUT...we will figure it out and they will be beautiful.

I love picking things out for us though. It's fun to have a wish list but I want to keep it to necessities, of course. But this seems necessary, right??

via bywhite
It also comes in red and white. I know, I know. I won't include it...especially because it's 92 bucks. Seriously. I'll keep googling.