Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tokyo Milk

My Mom first introduced me to Tokyo Milk products. She sells them in her lovely store - Valley Vintage. I went back to visit their site and fell in love with the packaging all over again. It's so beautiful and strange! I love the glass bottles and sparkly paper. I've smelled the perfumes and want them all. The packaging is so pretty you almost don't want to unwrap the soaps. But seriously, great gifts right? (Valentines Day? Not for the man of course...atleast not the sparkly stuff.) Trying to think of bridesmaid gifts while I'm knocking these cards out.

Am I soo 3 years ago on these products or what? I'm seeing it in lots of magazines. Whatever I <3 this stuff.


Savoir Weddings said...

um, how divine are these? I don't know about great gifts I think I'd quite like them for myself!

Anonymous said...

Love the name (I am obsessed with Tokyo!) and the packaging is fab!

Dallas Shaw said...

off to see the store