Saturday, February 20, 2010

An addition to my "things I want to do" list

Open a Mexican restaurant. I DO NOT mean a Moe's or Chipotle (but I would love either of those right now)! An authentic Mexican restaurant. Not anytime soon ya know but eventually. There is a huge lack of Mexican food around here. I'm not sure the British like the taste, really. We did go to Chiquito's but it's like really bad tex-mex...ok not even tex-mex. The beans were wrong, the rice was wrong...the only thing that was right was the sour cream and how can you get that wrong anyway? I don't make the best Mexican dishes. I only make easy enchiladas and tacos. But it's getting pretty annoying that there aren't any around!

I've already thought of the name. I will open one and I will play Calexico all day long!!

I hope by then I haven't become a pasty girl and have forgotton the taste. I did come across wahaca's fun website and the menu looks good but it's in London and ...I'm not. Englanderz, do you like Mexican food?? Is it just my bf that didn't know how to fold a burrito?? Please let me know of ANY secret spots I don't know about before I have a meltdown. In the meantime, make this salsa via Num Num Chronicles because it's awesome but red instead because I can't find tomatillos. And go buy that pet sombrero.


anna and the ring said...

Yes please! I'm not sure I really know what real Mexican food tastes like but I definitely would like to!!

We just do simple stuff at home but I love it! Actually had enchiladas last night. Yummers!

Anonymous said...

That cat in the hat is brilliant! ;)

Yeah a real mex restaurant would be a good idea – depressing how many places muck up fajitas!

Katie said...

Oh I know! The fajitas here are naz-tayyy.

Liv Lundelius said...

it would be great
i am german but its the same over here, only crap mexican food, i learned to love it , while living in NYC and there is def nothing like that over here, in Berlin. Maybe in London ,but if so I haven't found it yet, and there could def be more....
uhm btw. why aren't you guys moving to london?
; )