Monday, February 15, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses Suck

I think I've seen every single dress you can order from the internet. Ryan has to be getting annoyed that I can name off wherever the dress is from that some random girl is wearing.

At first I decided that the girls would be given a color palette and they could choose whatever dress they wanted. But after talking to the MOH it sounded like I should just pick a color and a dress. Less pressure for them...MORE FOR ME!! I cannot decide on anything. What suits one girl may not suit the other. Plus I've got a brunette, a blonde and a redhead. Aren't there rules? I don't know. I still dont have a proper color palette and it's getting pretty annoying.

I was looking at recessionista type dresses and saw the Le Sac dress at American Apparel. Looks very sac-like. I know it's just two peices of cloth together with some ribbon things but I like how it can be used over and over. Looks very casual and says it's made with "assorted fabrics" so not really sure if it's enough to be a bridesmaid dress. I wanted to go check it out though.

ASOS needs to make their dresses just slightly longer. I mean c'mon. I'm not into hoochie dresses or club dresses. They're so tiny!! Maybe if I had great legs I day maybe? Anyway ASOS maybe you could just make a few longer so the bridesmaids could wear them?! Oh, they have a "Shop Lady Gaga's look" section. Could you imagine the girls walking out in huge puffy sleeves and electrical tape on their candies? SO CLASSY!! Instead of bouquets they would carry sparkly orb things and light up disco sticks. Ahhh, my inner Gaga...

Alright the bridesmaid dress search will continue but we did get a couple things done. The photographer friend is booked. The invites will arrive at Mom's soon to be addressed and I just finished off a bag of Doritos.

Hope everyone had a good Valentines day. Ryan slept until 3 - I was pretty annoyed. Then when he woke up I passed out and took a 2 hour nap. Woke up to roses and french toast. He's good. We saw Wolfman (yay Benicio!) and had Indian at like 2 am.

Umm I was going to put some kind of pretty picture up but I'm on the man's laptop. Mine is dead and my new lappy wont be here for another week or so. Just pretend they is some super girly rosey pink (that every girl loves) picture of something else super girly and a puppy in a field of flowers or something. See ya!


Wren said...

I don't know your budget, but maybe have your girls pick a style and then get them made all in the same color...

I considered AA bandeau tie top dress for my bridesmaids, but the jersey looked really cheap on...

I ended up going with an Isaac Mizrahi dress from Target for everyone and told them they could change for the reception if they hated it!

Good luck!

anna and the ring said...

Tell me about it!

Or maybe try style shake?

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ok I paid for and helped my girls pick styles (4 different styles) for custom dresses. It was a lot of pressure and time for me. If I could have done it differently, I would have just chosen the color and let them choose their own style.

Check out sale sites rack: Ann Taylor, J. Crew, even BCBG outlets. There are definitely <$100 options.
Even Forever 21, GAP, Banana Republic, Ruche, Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie, eBay could have nice stuff. I had limited time to plan my wedding but so I had to just pick but I'd recommend picking a color or two and leeting them pick and shop on their own (there will be slight variations with shades but should be ok).