Monday, February 22, 2010

Meh Weekend

Holy crap, I bought a new curling iron. IIIII know, exciting. It has been over 6 years - that's kinda gross actually. And you know what, I wouldn't have bought one if the plug wouldn't secretly slip out of the us/uk magic plug converter thing without telling me. I kept wondering why my hair wouldn't curl anymore. OH IT ISN'T ON!?!


I was going to start posting my Sunday Lovely Sunday posts again but I had a not so lovely Sunday morning. It got better I guess but I went to bed way too early and even forgot dinner - for the second day in a row. So weird. We live for dinner! Sunday morning I woke up super early and got ready for one of my favorite things to do - car boot sale shopping. Last time I went was last year in the summer time. Sooo not the same in the winter and really not worth the freezing, wet clothes and muddy shoes. There wasn't much to look at aside from the japanese Lady & the Tramp figurines which I ended up not getting anyway because I was just too cold to bargin. They were cute though.

I had an early lunch and passed out, stuffed. We headed into town again and looked at home things and planned out our imaginary garden. We bought Tella a new wheel and things then headed home to make sushi. Super yum and I loved the cucumber salad.

My laptop should/better get here tomorrow and our LATE invites should arrive at Mom's too. I'm kinda pissed at Hello Lucky for sending them out later than they told me but whatever just get there!

More good news - I've narrowed the bridesmaids dresses down to a couple and Ryan tried on super handsome vests at REALLY reasonable places like New Look and Topshop on Saturday. Groomsmen suits are way too easy. I think I want to check H&M too, they've got some nice stuff for slim men.

We've sold nearly all the Gocco things except the Gocco! Who want's it? C'mon it's a guaranteed stress maker. I mean creative dream crusher. I mean, you know what I mean. Go Gocco!

And that's the weekend.


anna and the ring said...

You are quite the salesman!! Bean would literally kill me if I bought it!

Kris said...

What kind of iron did you get? My curls never stay! :o(

Katie said...

Anna: If it isn't Bean that kills you it'll be the Gocco!

Kris: I just picked one up from Boots. It's a bigger barrel than I had before, 32 mm.

It was pretty cheap. This one heats up super fast but downside is that it has no heat setting.

My hair curls pretty easily. Maybe use product before and after you curl? Or after you curl a section bobby pin it to your head each time and when you're done with your whole head and they've cooled, take them down. Super curls!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I'm kinda, totally intrigued by the Gocco. Am I really asking for a world of pain? Why was it a dream crusher?

Katie said...

I loved the thought of Goccoing our invites. It can be done and I've seen some really cool work. I think we're just too impatient and we made some mistakes early on that were very costly. In the end they just weren't what I originally wanted. I know of lots of websites that have great tips and tricks if you're interested. I also know what NOT to do.