Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 months 1 day

stressed out bride
Who’s there?
They’re supposed to be here any day now. I’ve been tracking them but they just kinda stopped travelling once they got into the UK. It is a little stressful because the date printed on the rsvp’s is April 1st!! That’s not much time to send them out and get them back. It’s kind of my fault. I should have made it later. There is an option to rsvp online though. Ryan is ALMOST done with the wedsite. There are just a few tiny things to do.
I still haven’t had my proper internet back. We’re on the mobile broadband dongle thing. Tomorrow it will be on, I’ll post more frequently AND get on Skype for my friends and family overseas.
Lots of things to do still. Here’s a list I’ve got goin on:
  • book dress alteration lady
  • buy guestbook and pen
  • buy pogo printer for guestbook
  • order cake(s?)
  • buy corkboard for memory wall
  • pins for memory wall
  • fabric to cover memory wall (£2!)
  • print/scan photos
  • order favorite candies for table
  • buy grooms suit
  • groom’s ring
  • frames for family photos
  • book hair/makeup/nails
  • buy underthings for wedding day
  • buy headpiece for reception
  • make/send bridesmaid cards
  • table number holders
  • order of service cards
  • buy shoes
  • gifts for wedding party
  • order/address/send invites
  • find camera tripod
  • book dj
  • choose friends/family to give readings
  • menu cards
  • decide on florist
(SO PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Honestly I didn’t even realize it was 3 months until I just checked my Facebook countdown. o.m.g
P.s. just googled stressed out bride and found that picture.  It really isn’t that bad – yet.


anna and the ring said...

Bloody customs/royal mail..gah!

Yay for real internet!

You have plenty of time my dear!

P.S. I sort of love her hair!

claire said...

Have you checked that they are not stuck at customs? We had some parcels kept by the customs men because we had to pay import duty... definitely worth looking into!

Katie said...

Ohh no. I will look into that. I was reading how they keep things for weeks and weeks?! Makes me nervous for my dress being shipped over.

Katie said...

Ohh no. I will look into that. I was reading how they keep things for weeks and weeks?! Makes me nervous for my dress being shipped over.

dognbird said...

The invites will come and you will get it all done - look how many items you already have crossed off your list. I believe in you!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ugh hugs lady. I can imagine the frustration. If I can bring anything from NYC, let me know. I'll be in London next week.

Oh and I have a garter and either fascinator or veil giveaway in a few weeks. You should enter!

Chelsea Robbins said...

wow it's so close!

Can't wait to see your wedding photos! YOu're going to look stunning!

conversationpieces said...

That is one stressed out bride!! Boo to royal mail... the only thing you can rely on them for is that you can't rely on them! That said, there's still time x

Brittany said...

dont worry you will get it all done! Wish I was there helping :(

yaaaay for Skype! Message me when you are online for sure!