Tuesday, March 16, 2010

They’re here!

009I literally JUST got home with the invite package and took this. My Mom also gave us the cuuutest dish towels from Blue Q, my favorite Jelly Bellies (juicy pear), lotion and lip glosses from (I think) my Aunt’s shop in Kauai, Tokyo Milk soap and of course our beautifully hand addressed wedding invite envelopes. SOOO happy! I looked through them and got all teary. So gay.

Also, it is the sunniest day ever. I think we’re going to steal the convertible parked across the street and drive it around all day. Kidding…maybe.


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oooh juicy pear is a divine flavor! Your mom is so sweet and you must be so excited to get your invites!

If you ask nicely, the convertible's owner has got to let you go for a ride right?

anna and the ring said...

These are going to be freakin' awesome. Please may I come!?

Katie said...

Jelly Belly candies are addicting. I've sat down with a bag and devoured the entire thing. I love the little flavor chart they put on the back.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! So glad it all arrived. Looks so pretty :)