Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things? Yes plz.

I’ve had to redo the registry a little because of the lack of space here. It’s good though. Sometimes I go and look and wonder what the heck I was thinking putting spatulas on the registry. I’ve gone for a more gifty things. And instead of getting more items we’ll never have room for, I’ll just replace our old handed down things. Liiiiike…

page.0q414s0q538u725eWire basket at Cox&Cox

5527428648452_White_l1Rose Frame at UO

973373_001_bBear Doorstop at Anthropologie

Yes, I would like these things. I do need more artwork. Everything I like is in the US which means lots of international shipping costs. I need help with finding neat shops online out here in the UK. Ya know, more home shops. All I go to is Habitat and Ikea and I’m really sick of those now!


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ahhh love Habitat. Hmm how about the department stores - John Lewis has a nice though pricey home selection.

anna and the ring said...

Hmm. Not sure, (anthro!), Graham and Green, Pedlars and my favourite eBay! Occasionally marks and sparks!