Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Volcano,

There are tons of people stuck all over the world. People have planned vacations, need to get places and must to see people. I’ve also heard you may erupt again. Really? Not even just a small break? It’s weird enough for volcano’s to be erupting in the first place. I know they’re supposed to and all but it kinda freaks me out. Did you see in the part in Volcano when Tommy Lee Jones  jumped out into the lava to push the canoe and gets his legs melted off?! Of course you didn’t, you’re a volcano. I did and it scared the hell out of me. You also can’t read this but I will carry on.

Oh hey - Mom lives in Washington and way too close to a Volcano. She also sent my wedding dress today. SO if your ash could just disappear, that would be fantastic. I may write a letter to the wind as well. But seriously, we’ve got a few other wedding things on the way and if you continue to erupt then there could be a chance that lots of people won’t even be able make it to the wedding. I know you won’t go there. I won’t take up anymore of your time. I know how busy you are – spewing ash everywhere and all. TAKE IT EASY (you and your sis)!

Impatiently yours,



anna and the ring said...

Positive thoughts, many positive thoughts.

Also, oi, mr volcano could you just quit it.

Woodbench said...

I had to have a quiet word in Mr. Volcano's ear and we have come to an agreement. Next time A) He will wait until all wedding items have arrived and all wedding guests are present: safe and sound.

and B) the next time he does it he'll wait till I'm in NYC with my b/f so I can get stuck there and not have to come back to my job in London for at least 2 weeks.

Done. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love this post... so made me laugh! That movie freaked me out too!!