Saturday, April 3, 2010

Progress, I guess. part 3

  • hairpiece
  • underthings/socks for Ryan
  • jewellery
  • book hair/makeup/nails
  • shoes his/mine
  • Ryan's suit
  • Ryan's ring
  • picnic blanket
  • camera tripod
  • choose friends/family to give readings
  • table number holders/name cards (IKEA 6 drawer??)
  • order of service cards
  • menu cards
  • gifts for wedding party groomsmen/bridesmaids/mothers/fathers
  • pogo printer
  • pogo paper
  • buy guestbook and pen
  • choose friends/family to give readings
  • order cake(s?)
  • buy corkboard for memory wall
  • pins for memory wall
  • fabric to cover memory wall (£2!)
  • print/scan photos
  • order favorite candies for table
  • photo booth masks
  • decide on florist
  • frames for family photos
  • book dj (pencilled in-book after meeting w/ venue)
  • order/address/send invites
  • make/send bridesmaid cards
  • ask groomsmen
  • choose readings
  • meeting with jonny jet
  • meet with venue/florist
  • buy/make confetti and bags
  • magic ink for kids
  • lanterns
  • photo booth backdrop
  • collect outside games

Lots of things have been crossed off. Yes, if you noticed he STILL hasn’t asked his groomsmen. It’s 2 months and 8 days until the wedding. I’ve nagged my little heart out. It’s up to him now!!


anna and the ring said...

Maybe we could nag each other's men. Bean drives me insane with his laid back attitude. I'm sure things will get done. It's just I'd rather sooner than later and then I wouldn't have to nag.

Liv Lundelius said...

the list looks pretty good.
you've managed a lot so far.
lists are getting me excited.
i have just crossed off a few more things on
my moving to london list.
YAY for the progress.

Katie said...

anna - careful, he might leave it until 2 months before the wedding!!

liv - it does feel good to cross things off of lists. YAY to you moving to LONDON.

jonovan said...

may be able to help with lanterns...they're crazy popular over here!