Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Lovely Sunday

001004005Well it’s really 2:30 in the morning on Monday.

So apparently I’m pretty scared of animals larger than me? I didn’t really know that until Ryan and I went to Longleat (an animal safari in your car thing) and a deer came up and into the passenger window – me, I’m the passenger. You’re supposed to pet it and feed it and stuff when it does that and not crawl into the driver’s seat practically on top of your boyfriend.

Today we went up to a grazing horse and it started walking right up to me. I started to get all panicy and backed away. WHAT?! I love animals! I love the horse and the deer and the antelope playing. I felt so bad. The poor horse just wanted some love and maybe an apple or something…which I did not have so I was even more freaked out. I know when I get hungry and there’s no food around I get pretty crazy.

Anyway the point is…where did this come from?! I really feel close to animals and Ryan has even said that I’m like Snow White with my love for forest creatures and such.

I have to figure this out. I mean seriously my Mom bought Ryan and I horseback riding on the beach in Mexico as a wedding gift – I intend to ride that horse on that beach just like in the picture. (thank you again, Mom!)

Maybe a few more trips to the horses might help?

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anna and the ring said...

Crazy horsies? He was just being friendly!