Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday Lovely Sunday

I cannot believe what a happy birthday I had. I know people are supposed to have good birthday’s and everything but I was happy all day long. So I asked Ryan if we could pretend that every day is our birthday. *sigh* Doubt it’s possible because I can’t wake up to pink donuts, pink milk and roses EVERY day or go to the zoo EVERY day. I can’t have a BBQ with good, really, really funny people EVERY day or get birthday balloons and cake EVERY day.

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Okay okay… one day a year is perfectly fine with me.

(Ryan bought tickets to see La Roux on my birthday but she rescheduled because of the ash, boo.)

Holy crap, I’m 25.

OH! Giveaway winner is Kirstie from Pencil Pocket – congratulations! Please just email with your shipping address and whatever color you’d like.


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Happy Birthday dear. Sounds like a lovely, pink day! 25 is a great age and obviously great things are going to happen this year so hope you have fun!

anna and the ring said...

Happy birthday you wonderful thing you!

Very jealous of all the pinkness!

Lx - my mr lugs said...

Happy happy birthday :)
Great photos... Looks like you had a fabulous day!!