Monday, May 10, 2010

Progress, I guess. Part - 12i,329,000

brooklynbrideSo we’ve only got around 20 major things to do before the wedding. It’ll be one month (tomorrow) until the big day. I feel like I’m way too relaxed than I should be (atm). Our place is a wreck. There is crap everywhere. I’ve got lots of unfinished projects laying around. So basically I need to snap out of it and get things done. I’m hoping one day I’ll just wake up and the wedding fairy would have  just done it all for me. 

Top 3 things I should probably be freaking out about:

- buy shoes

- book hair stylist

- buy ring for Ryan

Ryan, I’m sorry the shoes came before your ring. The list is in no particular order… or something.



Alexander McQueen photo via Brooklyn Bride


anna and the ring said...

1. Please come to my wedding and wear that dress.

2. Shoes will be sorted tomorrow!

3. Find hair dresser today!

4. What type of ring are you looking for?

Gaynor said...

Yippee only 1 month!

Book your hair stylist now - as you will want a trial soon and they get booked up; i booked mine in jan for april and another bride had already booked too!

Shoes are not a prob; I only went to 1 shop!

Get looking for his ring now too! Not sure what you are looking for but it took a bit of time to get grahams in palladium made in his size then we also got them engraved!

p.s, our flat is still a total wreck too, my parents actually cleaned the living room, kitchen and bathroom when we were on honeymoon since we ran out of time before, however they put ALL the wedding stuff in our spare room and now you CAN NOT move in there!

Jane said...

Cleaning is overrated - it just gets dirty again. But if your house is cluttered then so is your mind. And you will be more able to get your stuff done when your mind is clear. I wish I was there to help you!! Miss you lots...

Katie said...

-Couldn't agree with you more, Mom! Going to clean this place up tonight (just to get it messy again with crafts)

-in the process of booking hair!
-Ryan has found a ring! (the 3rd one, btw)
-hopefully my shoes will be found tomorrow in london with anna.
-trying to sort out playlist. How do we not have a song?!? I always claim every good love song! Must choose by next week for our dj.

anna and the ring said...

I love that your mum comments on your blog. She is fabulous.