Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Progress, I guess. Part - who cares!

il_430xN.140817319K, so my dress is in surgery (getting altered). I’ve bought some lovely shoes. My hair is booked and Ryan just ordered his ring. Oh my god, I’m scaring myself. Am I actually getting things done?!

The next list for this week:

- finish diy projects to take to Ryan’s parents house this weekend (we have no more room in this place!)

-finish playlist (by tomorrow!?!)


pillows via mymimi on etsy


Bells said...

you found shoes? Just like that? tell me tell me! I'm in shoe hell.

Katie said...

YES and nooo! Girl, I have been shoe hunting for months.

Keep looking and you'll find the one. I might be getting a pair of flats too for dancing.

The craziest thing is they were only £35!

anna and the ring said...

I wish I could say a certain someone bought shoes just like that! I have the blisters to prove otherwise!

They are the bomb!

lou said...

i am dilly-dallying around over my shoe choice. i would love a little heel - but i know myself and an hour in and i will be hobbling in pain - i am allergic to heels. it can only be wedges or flats for me. i am thinking lemon-yellow....

are you going to post pics?!

Katie said...

(I wont be posting pics until after the wedding!)

I'm not a big heel girl either which is why these sort of scare me a little because they are stilletos and I'm going to be trying to walk up to the barn in gravel? I'll buy some flats soon. You don't have to wear heels just because it's your wedding! Get some kitten heels, wedges or flats. Be comfortable. The last thing I want to worry about are my SHOES at the wedding. Ya know?