Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Chop

Remember when I kept bitching about how my hair wouldn’t grow fast enough? K, well now it’s way too long, thick and annoying. I want to chop it…chop chop chop.

I haven’t had my hair this long since high school. It has been nice to braid and throw it up in a big messy bun but whenever I see a short cut I’m so envious at how cute and easy it looks.

I’m going to curl and braid the heck out of it all week long and possibly go for the chop next week. I don’t think it’s long enough for locks of love though but I would. Can I do locks of love in England? Might have to wait if I’m almost there. I’ll Google but if anyone knows, send a comment my way.

n509273962_1140705_6526short vs. long!!091 

Yes, I only have photos of me attached to that man.

*Update!* Found a site called Little Princess Trust. Hair donations must be 10 inches or more. I have some layers so I’m going to have to wait another couple of months and I’ll be able to cut it and send away. I’d really love to chop it all off now but why waste good hair?! Bring on the braids.


anna and the ring said...

You will look fab whichever you chose. I say go for the chop, just for a change.

I think there is something similar in the UK.

Katie said...

thanks ax. found a site!

Chelsea said...

they both look amazing. you can't go wrong!

Anonymous said...

I know what ya mean girly! My hair is finally getting past that ugly weird mid stage and finally getting LONG! I've been having major hair chopping withdrawals, I swear. However, I am going to fight them and keep growing. One thing I do love about my long hair, I GET TO THROW IT UP IN A BUN!!!I do like that part :)

Katie said...

oh summer when i saw a picture of you w/ short hair i was shocked! i never thought you'd part with it, but it looked rad. keep throwing it up in a bun and one day it'll just be super long...like those dolls with the twisty arm.

Zoe, Conversation Pieces said...

think you look fab either way!

i'm having the 'to grow my hair long again' debate at the moment... can I have yours and stick it to my head?

(that's possibly the weirdest comment I've ever left for someone!!)