Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Sunday, Lovely Last Sunday

(written on tuesday…for last sunday)

Well, I’m on the train to Manchester with Mom to visit my step Grandad. I haven’t seen him in aaages! It has probably been seven years and I’ve only met him once. I just remember him drinking lots of tea. It’s probably normal amounts of tea now. I’m used to people trying to shove tea down my throat every time I visit. Ryan’s Mum has some really good detox and harmonise teas. You can’t imagine how many harmonise tea’s I had before the wedding. Have any favorites?

K, I know it isn’t Sunday but I’m going to post a few of the photos from yesterday. We all went to Bath and took some good shots.

043051056064 067 065 072082088097090 094 S0 there is my late Sunday Lovely Sunday. It was pretty lovely though. I wore the wrong shoes but…I always do!


anna and the ring said...

Why have I never been to bath? It is so pretty!

You look like you had a good time.

Katie said...

LOVE bath. ryan said it's used to film movies like pride and prejudice?! totally. you have to go! tons of shops.