Saturday, June 5, 2010

One week

bride-and-frankenstein1Fa-reaking out! So many things are going on. We’ve left many many things until the last minute. But everyone that knows us knew that would happen! We’re getting lots done though and I cannot wait until my American’s get here! It’s going to be a whole knew world for them. I really hope this weather holds up. My Mom prefers the rain (hence moving to Seattle) but my Dad is for sure a sun man. I just hope this trip helps everyone realize I’m not that far away and why England has stolen my heart (Ryan too).

It will be the first time our families have met and there will even be a baby! It’s always good to have a cute baby around when families get together. Babies, weddings, friends and family! It is going to be the best week evarrrr.


Anonymous said...

I bet you are sooooo EXCITED! Shit I'm EXCITED FOR YOU!!! OOoooo I love, LOVE weddings, it will serioulsy be the best day of your life!

suzewearsshoes said...

eee! so exciting! and it's true, no-one can feel awkward when there's a baby around. have a great week :)

anna and the ring said...

Oh sweetpea. It will be wondrous! I promise.

Liv Lundelius said...

ohhhhh! i hope everything went fantastic and you guys come to visit london soon.

Gaynor said...

Eeeeek so exciting!

Cant wait to see & hear all about it!

{says me who hasnt even started her recaps from 2 months ago!}

Hope the last few days go well and you get everything done!