Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some favorites


My man (NOT my man on iphone), Doritos (k, most chips really) and a coffee (but that one was pretty bad).

No, I will not start writing favourite!


Fee said...

ha I also don't love my man on his ipod! and Doritos are so more-ish.

Love this kind of post :)

Fee x

Gaynor said...

Im not a doritos or coffee fan {prefer any other snacks & hot choc instead} but I do love my new iPhone so can understand why your man is on it all the time!

p.s you so should start writing favourite, thats how we spell it here, the other way is just silly! ha ha!

anna and the ring said...

Oh you will learn to spell properly my dear!

P.S. Isn't it about time you got an iphone?

Spare Thoughts said...

just to jump on the bandwagon the word is favourite - Oh and doritos are crisps not chips! Us and our British ways. ;D

Chelsea Robbins said...

you're adorable btw.

I can't wait to see you as a blushing bride. I'm just so excited for you guys!