Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday Lovely Sunday

It was nice and sunny yesterday and I really would love a tan but whenever it’s that sunny I can’t help but put sunscreen all over! I have had many bad burns and been peeley way too many times. It’s almost too hot. The grass is dead and crunchy. Ugh I’m going to kick myself for whining about the sun when I’m freezing my bum off in a few months.

Not many pictures from yesterday because I was busy snapping away at the new lanterns and listing them on Etsy. Here are some photos and a song I’ve had stuck in my head since Come Dine with Me was on. Thanks, CDWM, I totally forgot about this awesome awesome band.001006 There is our dead grass and someone else’s duvet hanging out to dry. Ours blanket is behind it, half in the shade on the grass that has survived the blistering sun. I’ve been laying out doing a People’s crossword magazine that Mom left in England. Sorry Mom! It’s the only crossword I can actually complete.

<3 you Chungking.

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